Ingredients Policy



What makes our products so superior? 

Simple!  It’s what we use and what we don’t use!  

Australiana Botanicals women are savvy, health and beauty conscious women that demand effective, safe, skin care products without harmful ingredients, harmful chemicals or useless fillers.  

You want beauty - but not at the expense of health and safety.


We use only high grade, natural and botanically based ingredients. For example, while other companies use diluted cosmetic grade CO-Q10 from China, we don’t!  We use undiluted pharmaceutical grade from the USA.  The difference in performance is remarkable!  We also use cold pressed fresh organic fruits and seeds to get the highest nutritional value nature can provide.

We use the raw power of Australian outback fruit extracts and newly discovered Australian essential oils.  These wild harvested, or responsibly farmed, ingredients are some of the most nutrient rich in existence with many only recently discovered by modern science.

These are native fruits and plants that Australian aboriginals have thrived on for thousands of years in a harsh sun driven environment. Ignored by western science until recently the world is now amazed by these nutrient rich botanicals.

Australia is an island continent isolated for eons. Many flora and fauna diseases, common throughout the world are not present in Australia. We take advantage of that purity and respect it, continually researching the latest Australian botanical discoveries to bring you the best, purest and most effective products found anywhere at any price.

We cold crush our own fresh fruits and vegetables right before use to ensure potency, purity, absence of secondary ingredients (often harmful) and to retain the highest levels of nutrient.

We use the latest manufacturing technology to create these incredible products. 

We do NOT use harmful ingredients and we do NOT use fillers of any kind. Our products are clean and pure with natural, botanical, bio-active ingredients. We use organically grown where possible, although some of our native Australian fruit, seed and essential oil ingredients are wild harvested in the vast Australian wilderness.

We do NOT use GMO ingredients.

We do NOT adulterate our products with secondary ingredients, nor do we knowingly use ingredients from suppliers that may contain secondary ingredients. 

We do NOT use artificial fragrances. Artificial fragrances can often contain many hidden harmful chemicals that you may not want to use.

We do NOT use  BPA,  Triclosan,   dimethicone, silicone, PABA,  Formaldehyde,    Benzoyl Peroxide,   Parabens,   Mineral oil,   Urea, Hydroquinone,   Retinal,  Petrolatum, Benzophenone,   phthalates, artificial fragrances,  artificial dyes, colors or flavors,  Sodium Lauryl Sulphate,   Sodium Laureth Sulphate,   Sodium Hydroxy,   Mercury,  Retinyl Palmitate,   Ethanolamines, Triethanolamine, GMO's, known carcinogens, synthetic fragrances, talc, flour or other fillers, Triclosan, animal products or by products, Benzene, Bisphenol-a.  We use nothing toxic or harmful.


We do NOT test on animalsWe have zero tolerance for animal cruelty.


You can trust these products for yourself and your family.

They are among the best that money can buy - at any price.

We do not compromise quality to cut production cost, even if it means lower profit margins.

Our goal is great product, not great profit. 


We are totally transparent in our ingredients and use only pure, natural botanical ingredients. We use limited mild preservatives (natural) to stabilize and prevent bacterial growth in our products. This means product is safer for your use and lasts longer but without negative side effects.