Make a Difference

Join us in our quest!

It has been said that when we have been given much, we too, must give. We believe it is a responsibility of successful companies to reach out to uplift and empower individuals around the world to help them live healthy, safe, productive and fulfilling lives. 

What do we care about?

We care about families and particularly women and children: recognizing that the family is the fundamental unit of human society. We all look to our families for love, acceptance, recognition, nurturing, and protection.

We care about empowering women and families in under developed countries, aiming to provide better health care, clean water, education opportunity and to lift some of life’s burdens.

We are committed to contributing a significant percentage of our profits to these causes through the Nadine Malpas Women & Children's Foundation (to be established). 

Every purchase you make contributes towards:

  1. Family based programs - assisting women experiencing challenges raising children
  2. Children based programs – health, education, opportunity, educate mothers
  3. Women and children's health

Our aim, with your help, is to make a better world.  Won't you join us?