About Australiana Botanicals

Australiana Botanicals skin care Founder and his adult daughters photo for the About Us page


Australiana Botanicals was the result of three years of research, development and preparation to solve two problems common to many women.  That is, effective skin care and anti-aging without using harmful chemicals and enabling women to be “stay at home” Moms, earning great income, if they so choose. 

Why Did We Do This?

After David's beautiful wife passed away from cancer in 2014 at the young age of 51 the whole family became very aware of holistic health: what they put in their bodies and what they put on their bodies. Everything changed, from daily eating habits, raw juicing, more exercise, to consciously avoiding anything that may be potentially harmful.

Two of his adult daughters, Lauren and Dayna, could not find skin care products whose ingredients did not read like a chemical factory inventory list. They wanted clean, pure, botanical based products that had no harmful ingredients or useless fillers.  They wanted to use organic, botanical based skin care products on themselves and their babies without fear of absorbing harmful chemicals. High quality, effective products were hard to find!

Secondly, they wanted to be “stay at home Moms” during their own children’s early years and nurture their children themselves, rather than work away from home and use day care facilities staffed by strangers. But they had bills to pay, mortgages and car payments, like most people. They remarked “If only there was a way we could work at home, at the hours we choose and yet still earn great money!”

After some research they found there were many women who wanted the same things. Safe skin care and a “stay at home” income.

Being originally from Australia they were acutely aware of the new discoveries being made in Australian Outback super fruits and newly discovered essential oils. These new super fruit extracts and essential oils have been scientifically proven to be "simply off the charts" with vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, anti-bacterial agents and a myriad of other powerful nutrients shown to be highly beneficial in skin care and health. And they smelled amazing!

After three years of research and development, with the help of one of the most experienced botanical cosmetic formulators in the US, Australiana Botanicals was born, offering unique high-quality products marketed through a direct sales, work where and when you choose, opportunity. Problems solved!

Our Mission

Australiana Botanicals has a mission and a purpose well beyond beauty. We believe we have a responsibility to help make a better world.  Our heart lies with helping to change the lives of women and children around the world through either an income opportunity or humanitarian services. See MAKE A BETTER WORLD section of our website.


Beauty without compromise!  Just silky, kissable skin!
The best skin of your life starts with Australiana Botanicals.