Host Rewards Program

Hosting an Australiana Botanicals party is not only tons of fun but very rewarding too!

When you host a party you can receive super big discounts and even FREE products.

And what better way to shop than in your own home with friends!

What do I have to do to host a party?

Easy! You invite the guests and your Australiana expert will do the rest.

Your Australiana Advocate will run the party for you so you can simply

relax and enjoy yourself, enjoy your friends and try some products.

The greater the sales at your party

the more rewards* YOU get!

*The chart shows what you can receive in free product and discounts.  For example, if $800 worth of sales is made at your party you get $165 of FREE product, 3 items at HALF PRICE and 30% discount off any additional purchases you would like to make. How awesome is that?

Host Rewards Program

$1,000 $215 4 30%
$900 $190 3 30%
$800 $165 3 30%
$700 $140 3 25%
$600 $115 2 25%
$500 $90 2 25%
$400 $60 2 20%
$300 $40 1 20%
$200 $25 20%
$150 $15 15%

Preliminary and subject to change without notice

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