Australiana Botanicals Compensation Plan is designed to reward for product sales effort.

We designed it to help you achieve your goals, whether that means

covering the monthly car payment, the mortgage or a full-time income*.

Our compensation plan is called a “hybrid” which means it contains the best elements of the Uni-level method. It rewards Advocates through to the leadership stage, for product sales.  Leadership roles are then additionally rewarded through Generational Advancement bonuses. Our plan has been created to provide a reward for effort at all levels, eliminating the negative aspects offered under some other plans with “breakaways” and “legs”.

For full details contact your Sponsor.

If you do not currently have a Sponsor and considering our Opportunity

please email and someone will contact you soon.


Australiana Botanicals Inc makes no promises, representations or guarantees regarding income or earnings. You should not rely on the earnings or results of other Advocates as an expectation of what you may earn. Like any business, success or failure is determined by hard work and skill. All people and circumstances are different and your earnings, if any, will be determined by your own efforts, dedication, and effectiveness. Please note: Compensation is only paid on sales of product either by yourself or your team members. No compensation is paid for the act of “recruiting” other distributors.