Australiana Easy

Marketing Made Easy

Everyone has busy lives these days – so we invested in technology to make your sharing and marketing easier.

Many new distributors don’t promote their business effectively because they don’t know what to do.

Australiana Easy guides you through a specific set of training, sharing and business building activities, right on your smart phone, that leads you to success. Networking has never been easier!

Turn your business into a game – we apply modern game mechanics and design to engage, motivate and reward you, and your team, to achieve your goals.

Training made easy!

Sharing made easy!

Business management made easy!

Easy Actionable Data

The right data helps you build and manage your business easily:

  • What do you need to do to advance rank?
  • Are your downline active and qualified for the month?
  • How many team members have not ordered for 30, 60, 90 days?
  • How many customers placed a second order?
  • What are your key activities to accelerate your business – and your downlines?

Data to build your business and action steps to success – right on your smart phone!

Easy Lead Generation

Get notified when a lead visits your web site. Know what they did on the site and if they are ready to buy or join – all in real time.

Prioritize leads based on the action visitors took on your web site

  • Did they watch the video? Or not?
  • Did they finish it?
  • What did they read?
  • How long did they stay on the page?

This information determines your best action steps – right on your smart phone!

Easy Social Selling and Social Sharing

Just a few clicks posts to all your social media accounts

High customer engagement and interaction with our ever increasing library of approved content

Drive sales with real-time online buying events.

Easily duplicate the parties that produced the best results.

Quick and easy – right on your smart phone.

Easy Selling on Facebook

Sell directly to your Facebook networks. Simplify and replicate the online selling process with effective and consistent campaigns.

  • Customers can view and buy products in real-time during the presentation
  • You capture leads, information requests, training activities, or any other requested action
  • Connect with the massive Facebook audience
  • Empower yourself, and your downline, with approved content ads to generate leads and make sales. Create campaigns that focus on your target demographics.
  • Virtual parties/events unlimited by geography, numbers of attendees or weather
  • Unlimited to how many people can attend
  • Run multiple events each working day

Shopping carts can be sent to attendees via email for immediate purchases

All for only $12.95 per month*

*cancel at any time

Australiana Easy makes building your business easy
–right on your smart phone!